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    Demystifying the Dark Web

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We are at a point in time where we are faced with more challenges and obstacles than any other. Each and every step we take today in the cyber world - knowingly or unknowingly, is recorded or is being monitored. The so-called "visible" Internet is just a tip of the iceberg

The mysteriously deep dark web is a treasure chest waiting to be unraveled! So, join your hands with Kerala Police Cyberdome to drain down deep into and demystify the darker sides of the internet.

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The pandemic might have confined you to your homes but not your ideas.

Let your ideas fly!!!

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The present digital world has undergone a total transformation changing the basic ethos of our living. The whole paradigm of policing has also changed drastically in tune to the changing times. To tide over the current and future challenges and to devise innovative solutions for the future, Kerala Police is coming forth again with Hac'KP - the International Online Hackathon 2021, concentrating on the theme of the Darknet. Partner us to code the future of policing & be a part of this historic journey

Anil Kant IPS

DGP & State Police Chief, Kerala


Kerala Police has time and again proved to be the leaders in adopting and leveraging technology to provide better and timely services to the citizens and the present period has been no different. Keeping in tune with the times, Kerala Police is pleased to bring forth - Hac'KP - International Online Hackathon 2021 on the theme of “Demystification of the Darknet”. Register and Join in the collaborative effort to build viable solutions to tackle the cyber threats of the current times

Manoj Abraham IPS

ADGP HQ & Nodal Officer, Cyberdome

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Time to sit back and

Let’s shine spotlight on last year’s happenings!!
And ofcourse for those who missed it in 2020

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Deep dive into the dark secrets.

You might be the one unlocking the treasure!
It’s much more than just laurels!!

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