Kerala Police Cyberdome is the technological research and development centre of Kerala police department. It brings together Government Departments, Law Enforcement Agencies, Industry, Academia, International Organizations and Experts from Public Domain for collaborating on Cyber Security to enhance the capabilities of the State in dealing with cyber threats as well as to provide security to the Digital Assets of the State. It was created as the Centre of Excellence for Kerala Police to combat emerging cyber threats. It is also the first and only Law Enforcement Agency in India certified with Information security management system ISO 27001:2013.

Cyberdome’s focus areas include Cyber Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Incident Response, Cyber forensics, R&D, Training and Awareness creation. To achieve this, Cyberdome has many initiatives such as Virtual DOME, Social Media Analytics, Women Safely, Ransomware School, Collaboration Centre and DOME community.

In order to address the highly challenging and dynamic nature of cyber threats, apart from the Government stakeholders, Cyberdome works hand in hand with the industrial fraternity in the public-private partnership model. The Industry and the software companies provide their technical expertise and capabilities to assist the police in various fields of cybersecurity and technological augmentation for effective policing such as developing new software, providing technical assistance, sharing their resources, giving extensive training and knowledge sharing sessions, awareness creation, contributing to the research and adding development activities in the pertinent domains, and being a host to other areas as well.

Cyberdome has been the recipient of several national and international awards including INTERPOL Special Award for Outstanding Leadership in Protecting Children, Digital Transformation Award 2019 - Best Cyber Security initiative, Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FICCI) Smart Policing Award 2018 and Digital India Knowledge Exchange Summit Awards 2016, SKOCH SILVER AWARD 2018 for Smart policing and CISO MAG AWARD 2019.